Is this 'Super Curl?'

indyrose(z5 Indianapolis)April 5, 2009

I got this with a tag that just read Rex Begonia... I'm trying to identify it.


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Close enough. There are similar ones such as 'Chocolate Cream' and 'China Curl' but sometimes I wonder if they are all the same thing.

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hcmcdole is right. It could be B. 'Chocolate Cream'. I bought B. 'Super Curl' many years back from Logee's Greenhouses. I lost it and ordered it again last year in addition to B. 'China Curl'. 'China Curl' and 'Super Curl' are different yet they share some of the same color pattern. I believe 'China Curl' has a double curl; 'Super Curl' has a single curl in the leaf. The one pictured above is similar to my (Logee's) 'Super Curl', only my 'Super Curl' may not have as jagged (pointed) leaves as yours. Yours looks similar to what Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses calls Begonia 'Chocolate Cream'. I took a picture of my 'Super Curl' this evening. I will let the experts determine if there is any difference.

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