Finally! Found B. Luxurians.

birdsnbloomsApril 30, 2012

Seems like eons, seaching for a true, Begonia Luxurians.

Spotted some on Ebay, but prices were too high..66 and change.

Last week thought I'd look again, when I came across the Luxurians on auction. I won! Price was less than 10.00. I am SOOOOO happy.

Thanks to those who suggested not giving up the hunt.

My question: What's the best care for B. 'Luxurians?''

Sun, pot size, fertilizer? Soil, etc.

I really want my new seedling to live. TIA, Toni

Pic when received on the 23rd of Apr

Today, 4/30/12 After watering and some light

Thanks, Toni

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Congrats, Toni!I see it is classified as shrublike,bare-leaved, large-leaved with fragrant flowers, according to the Thompson book which is the begonia 'bible'; also says it will require a lot of light and sunlight, but never intense sun. So, just go ahead and grow it and see what happens.

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Hi Woe,

The Thompson & Thompson book is the Begonia Bible? lol. Really? Maybe we're thinking two different books.

How long did it take to find? lol

How are your seedlings? Last time we talked, think you said one or two seedlings were doing okay. Are they still alive? If so, how are you caring for yours?

Which direction 'window' would be best? Is west too strong? Right now, it's not far from south, under lamp light, but I know it won't grow there forever. Too dry in winter, and not enough light.

Thanks, Toni

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