lining new bog with fiberglass

foggywalkfarmJune 8, 2007

Hi All

been watching for a while & I'm now starting my first bog.

question.....we would like to line the bog & then the pool into which it will drain with fiberglass....

Is there anything in this material which is inimical to a bog?


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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Fiberglass liners are fine for bogs and ponds. They are fairly commonly used and have a number of advantages (such as durability) over other materials. There is nothing in the material that should hurt a bog or a pond.

BTW, I love your screen name. Just the name brings up all kinds of neat pictures in my mind.

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Thanks brandon7,

Our farm is on a ridge with creeks on either side & every morning when I take my walk?....Yep! A joy every morning, almost.....

Thanks for the info...our bog is going to lie above & drain into the pool& into a stream & would take more liner than we can afford. Delighted with your reply


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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

Hi Sally,
When you say you'll line it with fiberglass do you mean a preformed shape or do you mean you'll put the fabric down and then put the resin on top?
I did it with the resin a number of years ago and it worked great. My only problem was a slight leak that I never could find. I think it was from a combination of my own inexperience plus being stingy with the resin and not putting down a healthy enough coat. Good luck!

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