QVC begonias?

Kelly7b(7b/Charlotte)April 13, 2005

I ordered the tuberous giant begonia bulbs from QVC this year and just received today. The bulbs are quite small but I am hoping I will finally have begonias this year. How much sun can these plants take? Any planting/care instructions are greatly appreciated as I have killed every begonia I have ever planted!

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I think their quality is getting worse. As to instruction, go to easytogrowbulbs dot com, a bit info there. (Not sure this "easytogrowblubs dot com" once was their supplier, don't quote me, it was internet rumor sometimes ago.) Anyway, how did you plant it before? Too dry? Too much sun? I am curious about it. (Mine was always ok, under morning sun, and not much special care at all.)

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anderson4paint(Z7 Long Island)

I also ordered these begonias planted them about 3 weeks ago. Is anything happening to yours. I have a few that are getting tiny tiny seedlings. Is this what is supposed to happen?

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I also ordered the begoias from QVC.I'm going to plant them this afternoon,and really hope they servive!If anyone has any advice I sure need it.

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They usually take a month to sprut out, keep it moist (not too wet, it can rot.) I never take special care for it, they are just fine. Keep them under shade, at least partially shade. I don't understand why QVC said it can be planted under full sun, maybe those are new breed. Balanced or all purpose ferterilzer will do. By the way, you will not get 400 huge flowers this year, they are obviously too small; maybe next year.

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anderson4paint(Z7 Long Island)

One month and still nothing except tiny little seedlings.

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anderson4paint(Z7 Long Island)

About 10 of them began sprouting. Yea!!!

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sandy_wi(Z5 SEWI)

Hi - I am curious, how are your "QVC" Begonias doing?


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donnann(5 MA)

All but 2 are growing and I have a bud on one of the trailing ones that looks red. I have never had any before and have absolutely no Idea how to take care of them. I guess, so far so good.

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LiberalMinded(z6 NJ)

(first post)

I had ordered 2 sets (26 total bulbs...20 upright, 6 hanging.)

About 6 uprights did not grow (probably potted too tight & too wet...grrrr.)

Also just lost 1 of the hanging variety (just died in the pot...grrrr.)

BUT, most everything else has grown (some slower than others) & the flowers are just starting to appear. Very excited to see how big the flowers actually get, since I'm not a huge fan of beg's, but the HUGE flowers on this breed were sooooooo nice.

Sad about the dead bulbs, but thrilled with what I have left! They are really nice plants, with great leaves & what appears to be an abundance of different colored flowers.

Now to just get them to last over the winter since im in NJ & cannot leave them in the ground. Wish me luck.

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I planted most of mine in small pots, then a few in a large pot (I ran out of the small). As I recall, the host stated you were to start them inside, in a sunny location. THEN put them outside & plant them. I had 2 of them in mostly sun and the rest on my porch, in the shade basically. The ones in the shade, grew 3 times the size as the one's I had in the shade. So I agree with whoever said, shade is best. I also recall the host saying he discovered these "giants" in Napa, CA. So it might just be a new breed. Took him 7 yrs to cultivate enough to sell. I was wondering though. these are perennials right? Where should I plant them? In a hanging pot, or in the ground? Both? Anyone had better luck in some places v/s others? I have GOT to find where exactly I'm going to plant them officially asap. The one's I've kept in the shade once I put them outside are doing just great. I'm a novice at best, learning as I go. So if I ask something truly stupid, please bare with me & sorry. I have 2 questions for "LiberalMinded". I live in CT, should I bring the bulb inside before the 1st frost, at the end of this summer? Then replant next year? If so, what about the one's I'll put in a hanging baskets. Should I just bring in the whole basket? Or pull the bulb out of it as well? Would it live all winter inside? Or does it have to be dormant. Any help would be appreciated. QVC's instructions on all their plants are so vague. I almost planted mine upside down even! Good luck everyone!

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peggiewho(z9 Ca)

"LiberalMinded" posted in 2005 and is unlikely to show up for questions. The best exposure for begonias is morning sun, eastern exposure. Back in from the edge of a tree or porch so they are shaded before the sun gets hot. It is well into summer now so gradually bring them from mostly shade to morning sun or you will burn the leaves. You can plant them in the ground but if they are in a pots you can move them until you find a good spot. Pot size is important. You can 'over pot' them with too big a pot and they will rot if over watered in cool weather. If the pot isn't big enough they will dry out in the summer heat. Begonias come in all sizes. If you have a 'giant' you will need to stake it without pushing the stake through the tuber. A plant can break under it's own weight if not staked. Relax, you will kill some and others will have bigger tubers by the end of summer. You will get it all figured out this year and be expert next year. The big center flower is male and a female flower on each side.
The thing I like most about begonias is they will go dormant in winter and I don't have to fuss with them. As it gets cooler in the fall you withhold water. Don't let the frost get them. The plant dies back until the plant easily separates from the tuber. Your can put the whole pot in a garage that stays above freezing or take the tuber out of the dirt. I store mine in shredded paper in a box in my cool closet. Begonias, caladiums, freezia and calla lilies are easily stored away in winter and I use them year after year.

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