Ideas on IDs? Thanks!

fredg78756(8)April 14, 2010

I bought a group of begonias online, so they had names. But I still have a few given by a friend and/or bought at a local nursery that are unidentified. I'm hoping you experts can help. Even those who only dabble in a set few might recognize an unknown or misnamed variety. Help? Thanks!

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I'm not on MobileMe so I can't help.

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Sorry about that!

Here is a link that might be useful: Fred's Begonias

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Much better.

The strawberry begonia is actually Saxifraga stolonifera which makes for a great groundcover.

Not sure about the ID on Beatrice Hadrell being correct. Looks like Black Velvet. If it gets some green in it then it may be Beatrice.

The first begonia labeled Helen Teupel doesn't look right but the second one does indeed look like Helen Teupel.

The unknown might be Pink Champagne but the leaves will get much larger if it is and have a mix of pink in it as well.

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Thanks, McDole! I've seen your posts/answers here and hoped you'd offer input!

The Helen Teupel was labeled as such from Rob's Violet Barn. It initially looked a bit red, but has since gotten that great pink tone back into new growth.

I've posted a closeup of the Beatrice Hadrell leaves. As Shakespeare mentioned, this begonia is gorgeous regardless of its name. I'm just a perfectionist when it comes to that. The closeup is in my gallery link included here.

I'll look up Pink Champagne as well. I've got all my babies in a north window that's in the box-seat style. I hand mist at least 4 times a day (the window is in my work-from-home office so I'm in there at least 8 hours a day).

Thanks again for your knowledge. It's a great help to us!

Here is a link that might be useful: Beatrice Haddrell?

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