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dreamcatchwhispererMarch 6, 2008

Im sort of new to the site and must say that I didnÂt search the forum topics comprehensively. I saw - title  topic  name of plant  type of garden  but these all do apply to me and so IÂm confused as to where to post My Volunteer Career Starter topic. Basically IÂm looking for one/others in the NY area that are seeking all types of volunteer garden help. Whether they be new, experienced or doctors of gardening I would like to work for and learn from them. IÂve spent about 8 years of time, money, energy and school figuring out what I DonÂt Want To Do With My Life. Politics, economics, the stock market are not my passion though will not be ignored. My passion and interests include plants, acupuncture, gardening, massage, botany, anthropology, ethnobotany (Native American), ethnomycology, ethnomedicine, herbalism, psychology, neuroscience, metaphysics, and sociology among other interest. What IÂm seeking is a place to work and learn while I prepare to enter Acupuncture Oriental Medicine School soon this fall or early 2009. Seeking those in the upstate NY area mostly but surrounding areas such as PA, CT, NH, RI are welcome to accept/review my offer. Wanting to work 11 hours a day (optimal time to work leaving time for study, sleep, eat, exercise, washing and some social interaction) on gardening; period. DonÂt have much gardening experience but have a strong passion and am able to do intensive physical labor. A friend of mine has a house in Craryville, NY 12521 ( I live in Long Beach Long Island and Manhattan) and this is a place I could stay at and commute to the work but am unsure if I will have a vehicle ( I can try to arrange this but its Âup in the airÂ. But if you are close enough I can bike there. Otherwise if you would really like a passionate personÂs help that doesnÂt slack and truly wants you to have the best season ever IÂm willing to work in exchange for room and board (though I will have money because my taste at this point in life are limited - pizza, chicken, steak - but I Am expanding) so that I can provide the most detailed care to your gardening/outdoor needs.

Me IÂm a 26 year old p.r./african american male, did well in colleges but never received a degree. Attended Fordham University and City College with good grades when I was motivated so am a Learner. Finally found my passion so am looking for work to help prepare for school.

Please redirect me to the proper forum for this request if its improper for the Botany Forum. Thanks for your help all you pillars of garden web.

Please only serious inquiries reply. Again I don't know how to go about the 'red tape' method of securing a project so please those with experience set me straight. Though I don't know about the red tape I do know whats in my Heart and for those serious ones wanting serious gardening help please contact me. Note: the last sentence does not imply those on garden web are not serious. I appreciate you all in essence because it is YOU that keeps the forum up and running. Healing to All.

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

It has been a long time and no response so I will share my one experience with volunteering. The paid employees did not like volunteers. I don't know why, perhaps volunteers cut into their overtime or something. It proved a bad idea for me.

Our city hires people to work for near volunteer wages in the summer. I would sooner do that than try volunteering again.

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Advertise on Craig's list. You'll get lots of replies. I did.


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piper101(Z 9b So.Calif)

May I suggest you find out for your county or your state where you can contact Master Gardeners in your area. In CA for instance we are in every county and it is a nationwide program. Anyway, in my county we have many, many venues that we volunteer doing all sorts of gardening things such as Habitat for Humanity (the landscape planting), school gardens,,the list goes on and on. If you want to volunteer in gardening this is your best bet I think. We only do voluteering and continuing education all related to gardening, horticulture, botany etc. I just got through with a very intensive Master Gardener program that is nationwide that is sponsered by the U. of Calif. Good luck!

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piper, U. of Cal. sponsors the program in California, and maybe elsewhere, but not nationwide. U of I offers it in Illinois. I think the state universities have programs in each of their given states. DreamCW, the program certifies you as a master gardener and it is a wonderful program but I did very little gardening while I was in it. I feel that the title is given just to get volunteers to work and earn money for the extension, after all, the tests are all open book. Just my opinion.

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