Staking tuberous begonias

susan6(z6a)April 29, 2012

Have any of you come up with strategies for staking big, multi-stemed begonias? Last year I lost half of the plants because later in the season the bamboo stakes wouldn't support the weight of the plants and they broke off. The trouble is that with the loose soil mix one needs, the stakes bend with the plant. One site suggested cutting down those round tomato cage things and letting the plants grow through the wires. Any ideas?

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bayard(zone 6 / NJ)

I know what you mean! I'm considering using green metal fencing to make mini cages. I've been looking for plastic cages that will snap onto the rim of my 8 inch plastic pots. A place in Great Britain sells them for Achimenes with pots included (too small). The best solution I've come up with is to insert 3 stakes around the perimeter of the pot and then loop those Velcro plant ties around the Begonia stems from multiple directions. Eventually the rootball fills in to support the stakes.

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I have my pots sitting on/in much larger pots filled with clay soil so they dont fall over and it holds up stakes nicely. The begoinias grow a few roots into the clay and dont wobble anymore.

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