Will my persimmon sapling die? I damaged the roots at the base

njbiologyApril 27, 2009

Subject: Will my persimmon sapling die? I damaged the roots at the base.....


Accidentally, when taking my American persimmon sapling out of its temporary spot to be transplanted into its permanent spot, I ended up damaging one of the 4 solid main root branches (one of the main legs of the roots) - unfortunately, not only did I damage it to the point of needing to prune it, which would have been fine or even helpful in getting it to produce more roots, but it snapped off at the point where the root "leg" meets the base from which all the major root legs come from. I cut it clean, but there is a gap or a hole where it snapped. Will the tree heal or, eventually, rot? If it survives this year and the winter, will it still be subject to an inevitable end in the upcoming future sooner then later?

I'm sure that willow and certain other types of roots will recover from having the actual solid, base portion of the roots system sheered, but I don't know if persimmons will.

I hope that it won't die from this.

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

See duplicate post in the more appropriate Fruit and Orchards Forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: Duplicate Post

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