Can I grow 'FACW' wildflowers in a marsh bog garden?Or too soggy?

njbiologyJune 8, 2008

I would like to grow FACW (facultive wetland) perennial flowers and shrubs in my bog. My bog is 18" deep and basically 6' wide x 30' long. It's always soggy and I don't allow drainage.

Pond marginals (OBLs) do great in this no-drainage, constantly wet/mud setup, but will the typical garden perennial do well if it is a "FACW" plant?

I would like to grow:

Turtlehead), American Meadowsweet/Spirea alba, Verbena spp., Prairie Willow, New England Aster, Ironweed, etc.

These are said to grow in wet mesic soils, but I suppose that I can grow them in the bog garden if the soil that they are placed on is saturated but has no actual standing water.



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Most of these plants are technically what I'd call 'wet meadow' plants. Any normal soil with a relative amount of moisture should work. Most can survive temporary drought and ordinary garden conditions. For example, I grow Ironweed on a dry hillside with few problems. Conversely, most handle temporary flooding well too.

Now if you if you are looking for true peat bog plants and shrubs, I'd look at things instead like leatherleaf, laborador tea, swamp azalea, and bog rosemary.

There's a nursery in NJ, Rare Find, that has many of these sorts of things, although he may not always list them in the catalogue. Evermay in Maine has a few good bog shrubs too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rare Find

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