Where to get Cicuta bulbifera?

wildlifehelper2000(MD)June 25, 2004

I had been looking for the native Bulblet-Bearing Water Hemlock(Cicuta bulbifera)for my bog garden. Any one knows where to get some?

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apparently because it's in the family of toxic plants no one that I've seen offers it. Isn't it funny that a family can have some of our favorite food plants (like carrots) as well as some of the most toxic?

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Yes,people don't realize that marjority of the veggies they are are toxic? Like eggplant,onions,garlic,tomatoes,etc. Just some are less toxic than others. Some has to be cooked or else it can kill you like eggplants and green tomatoes.

I love wildflowers,and bulb species too like native lilies and other plants. Even though hemlock wild carrets,its like bulbs. Also I like them too because they are also wetland plants.

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