need more info about corkscrew rush/juncus spiralis

dizze98765June 1, 2004

Hi, I came across a really neat plant, corkscrew rush/juncus filiformus spiralis. I've finally figured out that it's a bog plant or one that likes water. I need to know if anyone knows about any toxicities to animals. My cat's love to chew on all my plants no matter where I put them. I just need to know if it's dangerous. Thanks! Danielle

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I agree...neat plant! This site might help your research. josh

Here is a link that might be useful: Poison plants

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lisasmall(7a NoVa)

Oh boy... five years after this warning was posted, I just bought some for a pot in my back yard -- thank you for the warning, Josh!

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lisasmall(7a NoVa)

Oh, never mind -- I see you were just suggesting the link for research.

If Corkscrew Rush is poisonous, it's not listed at that link, nor any other link I saw when I searched on the name.

Whoops! :)

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