Fall blooming!

rredbbeard(SE CT USA/zone 6)September 18, 2010

A friend gave me a plant, which I think is 'Elva', when it finished flowering this Spring. Now 5 months later it is pushing up a nice big bud.

Is this typical? I was all set to have all the hippi's go dormant next month...


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Honestly it's probably on it's natural bloom cycle :) Some hippies bloom in the fall and some in the spring! I'd say you're giving them conditions they really like :) Do you have room to let it die down on its own? Some are naturally evergreen! :)

I want to see pictures when it blooms!


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It's not typical but not too uncommon for a summer or fall bloom. Right now, my father has a Minerva (from a box-store last season)that bloomed with 2 stalks last year, with a big fat bud opening with in a few days! I had an Exposure that had bloomed last winter bloom again in July! It was so gorgeous, what a treat! I keep looking every few days for another one of my 100+ pots to send up a scape, but nothing yet. It's a real treat when it happens, and the flowers that bloom this time of year usually have great saturated color! Enjoy your "Elva" or is it 'Elvas'!


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