who is she? :))

green_frog(SEPAz6)April 26, 2006

the most beautiful plant i have ever purchased. my nursery tagged it as a rhizo "los angeles." but, i couldn't find it on the begonia society website, or anywhere, for that matter, with that name. does anyone know which one it is? it's simply lovely, and it makes me smile. :) ty!



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mingtea(z9 Tucson)

do you think you could get a clearer shot of the foliage? the current shot is backlit and i can't see too many details/colors.


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sure! i think she liked the spotlight as well! how's that, ming? :)
the other really beautiful feature that i should mention, is the leaf, itself. the underside is a shiny maroon color and yet the top side is like forest green suede...it has a suede-like feel as well. thanks so much ming! this is my first collectable begonia - i have had fairy wings, and hardy ones, non-stops, but these are truly remarkable plants. i can't wait to stumble across my second one. :))





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It's close to being 'Black Velvet'. Try this link.

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

Oh, thanks, Butch! I think that puts a name on one of my NOids! Couldn't resist it, even without a name.

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