NEEM for Tucson

xoxosOctober 4, 2012

seeds were ordered via ebay from southernmost india and germinated early summer. 1 gallons (i'm keeping) were transplanted in september and weren't rootbound then, so i expect the solo cups are about due for it.

pickup is on eastside. wholesale acquisition poo-poo'ed without some measure of recompense :)

plants were moved before photo so are obviously angled away from the camera ;)

if you find this post after the fact and i don't check in, there's a contact form on my personal website at (myhandle) d0t net.

please note that while neem is of course resistant to spider mites, some quarantine is recommended for a few weeks as nearby plants currently have the blighters.

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Hmmmm... would they survive outdoors here in Tucson? I'm looking for a nice shade tree to replace our mesquite that fell over, and I'm always looking for something "different"!

Anyone have experience growing these outdoors in full desert sun?

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for a previous discussion someone mentioned there was one in the tucson or phoenix area, but i am sure it would have to be quite sheltered as they are intolerant of freezing.

outside i'd recommend them for someone who already has an established microclimate, unless you are confident that for some reason warmth is present in winter :)

i guess they're going to be here for a while..

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