Running a pump in a bog?

njbiologyJuly 21, 2005

Would this work.

I will make a large bog garden - not a true bog garden: a mud and peat mix for things like arrowhead and marshmarigold - and in this bog garden i would make a canal by placing boulders in two parallel lines in the middle part of the bog so that the boulders will keep the majority of the mud from filling in the stream - i want to do this so that i can have some flow through the bog and keep some circulation and for aesthetic purposes. will the sediment settle enough to not kill the pump or will it smell bad even if flowing

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first, (sorry to go off topic on this thread briefly)Cranberry bog can be whatever depth you choose 12-24" deep. Cranberries are as cold hardy as they come surviving even in zone 1 (that's something like -50F). They can survive being frozen solid...I've seen them that way.

Second, the sediment would kill the pump in a hurry. You'd have to line the "stream" and have a reservior at the bottom end to house the pump. This is the water garden I just completed with a stream between the two ponds. Next year I'll add another bog garden around the upper pond and landscape to bring the surrounding area up to pond level.

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kwoods(Cold z7 Long Is)


Very nice work Fred!

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