Will purple-loosestrife damage liner and get out of hand

njbiologyJuly 21, 2005

If i planted about 8 purple loosestrife in a bog with the surface area of 300 sq. feet, spread around a pond - all this with a liner - if i planted those, will the seeds really get out of hand and fill it up - or do only a few seeds that are missed by dead heading usually make it>?

do their strong roots have the potential to harm the 45 mil liner?

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kwoods(Cold z7 Long Is)

Purple loosestrife is evil.

So say the National Arboretum, , US Fish and Wildlife, New Jersey Invasive Species Council, and me. Seen it do hideous things right here on Long Island. Please research this invasive pest before you decide not to plant it.

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Right on KWoods! For that matter ALL plant material should be researched before planting. Gardeners who give in to beauty at the garden center often regret their purchases. while I do grow some plants that may be considered invasive (no p. loostrife here). I have studied their biology and taken appropriate action to prevent their further spread, either through dead heading immediately after flowering or by planting them within barriers.

I am a strong advocate of RESPONSIBLE gardening. Learn what you are planting and where you're planning on planting it beforehand, this way you don't unleash something you and your neighbors (not to mention the local environment) will regret when it's too late!

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My neighbor grows it in a very confined area between the house and the driveway (about 3' of ground), beside his a/c unit from which the plant receives the condensation and therefore stays moist. This is the ONLY condition under which I would grow it. It is illegal in most states to even grow it.


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Fledgeling_(4b SD)

yes, the plant will get out of hand, without a doubt...

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kwoods(Cold z7 Long Is)

"This is the ONLY condition under which I would grow it."

It can still spread pollen and seed for miles around.

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adirondackgardener(Western Maine)

These are acceptable native plants that the Adirondack Park Agency suggests as alternatives to the truly evil Purple Loostrife:

Winged Loosestrife (Lythrum alatum)
Blue Lobelia (Lobelia syphilitica)
Cardinal Flower (Lobelia cardinalis)

The New Jersey Department of Agriculture has an active program to eradicate this plant, including biological controls.

The New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife is working on programs to save the habitat of the endangered Bog Turtle from this plant.

With the taxpayers of New Jersey paying to control or eradicate, it amazes me that your state has failed to declare it a noxious weed and make planting it unlawful.

There is no acceptable conditions in which anyone should be growing this pest. Anyone who thinks they can control it despite the published research and widely visible evidece is misinformed or arrogantly exhibits a callus disregard for the welfare of their immediate and surrounding environment.

Please research this further before you plant this noxious weed in or around your wetland.

Wayne in the Adks.

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you're joking, right?

that's like inviting a crackhead to house sit for you.

8? you'll go away for a weekend, and they'll have taken over the homeowner's association.


yeah. right. and George Bush meant 'no child left behind' to imply that he was going to start promoting an interest in classic literature.

at least kudzu, and water hyacinth are sensitive to the cold. we don't have that luck with this loosestrife.

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I hope that everyone hasn't scared you away. They all have great points and you probablly shouldn't plant it and if you bought it from some buisness you should either report them (if your state cares) or at least talk to them about it.
That being said, there is so much of it around that your little planting probably won't hurt anything if you were to do it. Well, it would take over your bog garden and kill all the other plants you have planted, so i guess it would hurt something. But you wouldn't be the worst person alive.

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