gregsytch(z9b Tampa Bay)April 24, 2011

It has been some time since I have been on here. The begonia world in my yard has gone simply crazy! After another brutal winter (actually Dec in to Jan) which saw 5 freezes, February turned into spring and it has been beautiful since then. April has been very warm. My begonias are bursting their britches. I mean, I have canes in 7-10 gallon pots that are rootbound. Its either root pruning or the next size up. Since I grow under shadecloth I am at the mercy of the weather, and I type this a thunderstorm just blessed us with about 1/2 inch of much needed rainfall. I tried posting pics to the photo section, but it kept getting timed out (immediately). Any secrets? I would love to share photos. My last set of customers took some, too, and I could post those. Hope spring is coming on strong where you are! Best - Greg (also ABS Horticultural Correspondent)

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Most of the worlds gardeners would not be too sympathetic to "being at the mercy of the weather" under shade cloth in Tampa Bay, Florida. Enjoy your Begonias and send us some pictures. Al

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