haneedes(z5 NY)July 15, 2005

i have Cyperus alternifolius (Umbrella Palm) in a vase in my lving room. I put plants surrounding my turtle tank for a more natural look.

anyway, i had three of this plants in one container. the roots and pots were covered with water. i left it for about 3 weeks and i noticed that one of the plants had dried up.

i removed them from the water to let them dry out a bit. i noticed that the dead one, now had fungus all over it. that must be what caused it to dry up

my questions are, is it dead? and should i spray the others with something? what kills fungus but leaves the plant in tact?

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What you probably have is phytophthera root rot. this is a nasty fungus and is known as a "water mold", in other words it spreads with water. I lost a gunnera and a couple of other plants to this problem a few weeks ago. There are only a very few fungicides labeled for this disease.

Best course of action is to change the water on a regular basis and clean out the container with a bleach solution before using it for the plants again.

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