Are Cranberries too invasive for a bog garden?

njbiologyJuly 1, 2008


I have a lot of experience in marsh bog gardens - by this I mean soil/clay; but none with peat/sand acid/sterile true bog gardens.

I intend to grow Sundews, Pitchers Plants, and Venus Flytraps, etc. I'd also like to include Cranberries, but I'm concerned that they will easily overtake the garden as I've read that they are quick to do. Would I be able to simply weed them and control them or should I make a separate bog for them. If I made a separate bog for them, could I make it 4 x 4 x 1.5 deep, or would that area be too small to maintain moisture and for growth space?



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Vaccinium oxycoccus won't overtake your garden if you control them. At least that's not my experience. But they will spread eventually so you do need to check them.

Don't know about V. macrocarpon and similar species.

About size of a seperate bog garden, I'd say that they really can grow in a very small and actually rather dry environment - but more optimal conditions of course gives faster growth.

/Hans Olav

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