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carolnj38April 21, 2010

Hello everybody,

I have planted begonia's outside in the past. Today, I purchased one called Begonia x Hiemalis, Has very pretty yellow flowers. oh, From Home Depot.

I wanted to know if it will do well a houseplant. I have it in the house now, and don't intend to plant it outside, I'd love to have some type for a houseplant, I don't know the botanical names, but have heard of some other begonia's like angel wing, or rex beg. What type would you suggest for a house plant, and will the above be ok too? I just want some color in the winter months. I also don't know if it's a tuber or whatever?

thank you, Carol

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Hiemalis will do well as a houseplant but more than likely will die on you after a few months. Treat this type as an annual. For a color splash it might last 2 to 4 months.

There are many types of begonias that will do well indoors but you have to decide on size. They go from tiny to HUGE.

Rexes are very colorful but a lot of folks have problems with them since they may start dropping all their leaves and eventually will die due to overwatering. Recognizing that the plant is in a form of dormancy and will emerge again when conditions are right helps keep this for years.

Canes (aka angel wings sometimes) are noted for a longer blooming period than rhizomatous. Leaves can go from dull green to almost all silver, some have silver splashes, while others have polka dots (small to large). These types can go from small to extra large (five feet or taller).

Rhizomatous (which rexes are in this group) have a lot of variety in color, leaf form, leaf texture, and size. They typically bloom in early spring which is icing on the cake but most are grown for their form, texture, and colorful leaves than blooms.

River Nile is a fairly easy rhizomatous to grow and is quite colorful too with medium to small sized leaves. My Special Angel is a great medium sized cane that will bloom often if the light levels are high enough. Rexes always add a colorful splash even if they become problematic later on - just toss them and buy another one.

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Hi HC,
thanks for all the info , btw: will the cane begonia have flowers? That's what I'm interested in. Not just pretty leaves,
thanks again, Carol

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If you just want blooms then you cannot beat Dragon Wings. These bloom all summer long and take the sun better than any begonia. Keep watered and be rewarded.

Here is one Dragon Wing for example in full afternoon sun.

Most canes will bloom many times over the year but there are some varieties that are very shy to bloom or never bloom for the most part such as Sophie Cecile and Cracklin' Rosie. If you want a large cane bloomer try Silvermist, Lana, Di-Anna, and Irene Nuss. Medium size - My Special Angel, Flamingo Queen, Orange Rubra, White Cascade, and Texas Lone Star. Small size try Tom Ment, Fabulous Tom, and Lois Burks.

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