question on winter drainage for damp ground plants

birdgardner(NJ/ 6b)July 26, 2004

I am planning a sort of bog with cardinal flower, mimulus, lychnis, monarda and maybe a fountain to attract hummingbirds. Since my soil usually dries out in summer I was going to use a rubber liner or maybe a wading pool with some slits for drainage. But I am concerned about hardiness regarding winter drainage - the garden would either be muck or a block of ice for about six months. Would this be a problem?



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My bog garden becomes a block of ice. I've had no problems with plants surviving, and have had several plants survive that I was told would never survive our winters!

Plants like Cardinal lobelia are used to growing in wet areas in the wild and do sometimes freeze it they can hack it in the wild they ought be able to take in in a garden.

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