Cat Tails

jories_mom(z5 IL)July 12, 2004

I would like to grow some cat tails (Typha latifolia). I am interested in the height and structure they can provide on my property line.

The soil althought always wet does not have standing water.

1. Will there be enough moisture to sustain this plant.

2. I am aware they are very do I plant them in containers?

3. If the container is a black nursery does it stay moist enough inside if the rim is above the level of the ground?

Any help is appreciated. Kris S

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kverzani(z9 NV)

This may or may not help you... I live in Vegas. We created a "wash" that goes through part of our backyard. This wash starts in an area where I am growing cat tails. My husband found a "patch" growing on the side of the road in an area where they would have been dug up anyhow and brought them home. We just stuck them in the ground and trust me... this is not dirt here.... they get water from the in-ground system everyday and are growing like crazy...It's been 100+ since late early June. They have came up in a few place inside the wash and in my flowerbed, but I just lop them down and go on....bottom line, if they can grow here under these harsh conditions, they can grow anywhere... Hope this helped some...

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I made a reverse hole by outlining a square with logs then draping liner over it, this created a bog area as it retains moisture, also keeps the cattails in check. Only problem is that I can't dig them out as I'll go through the liner. Oh well.

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cat tails will grow anywhere. They grow on the sides of hills. They grow in the median of the freeway. If you get some well started cattails and just stick them in the ground they will grow. Don't waste your time putting them in pots unless you have this unquenchable desire to have pots sitting around in your yard.

They will NOT take over your yard. They WILL take over old neglected, sludge filled ponds.

But they will help your moist soil together and prvide a nice bunch of greenery.

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

Did you get your cattails? If yes, where in the Chicago area?

And I just posted these questions in the aquatic plants forum before I found this one, sorry about that.

I would like to plant cattails in a barrel. Will they survive the winter if left outdoors?
Is it illegal to dig up cattails from the roadside? I have seen them destroyed by new constructions numerous times.


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Can I plant cat tails from seeds? I have a small koi pond in the backyard that I want to turn into a bog garden.
Does anyone have any experience with seeds? Would I just put them in the pond and they'll grow?
We don't have cat tails in this area, otherwise I'd dig some up (oh, to live in WI again!)

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Regarding cat tails and liners: I've had them in my lined koi pond with a bog garden for decades. Every few years I cull problem....they do not penetrate my liner...instead their roots and leaders grow along the liner. They seem to move along it and when I cull them, the liner is smooth and shiny beneath them. Of colurse the liner must not have any holes in it.

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Planting anything from seed is a roll of the dice. They sell cattails at the 2 pond (water garden) stores in the Houston area. I've never seen cattails for sale in the regular garden stores. You can order anything online. The easiest way might be to carefully and responsibly transplant a small number of wild cattails from your area.

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