Snapdragon Mutation

har0ld(z6 WV)May 6, 2006

Hi, I just thought that this would be interesting to share here. For years, my great-grandma has raised snapdragons on her back porch. Every year they mix with each other and reseed themselves every year. Recently, some snapdragons have appeared different from the rest. As most of you here know, snapdragons usually have two opposite leaves. But a year ago, some appeared that have 3 leaves, like in this picture: This year, there is only one with this mutation, so I'm going to have to breed it with a two leaved snapdragon to preserve the 3 leaved ones. What do you all think about this?

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I think its VERRRRRRY interesting, but then I started the crazy thread below (which I invite you to add to), so maybe I'm biased. lol.

Did all of your seed come from mutant plants last year? If so, maybe there are recessives involved and you would get many more mutants next year from even the normal looking plants.

How's the flower quality? I hope its still high. Does the foliage feature hold true throughout the season? And are you growing the tall type or the more typically seen dwarfs?

I would suggest you hold back some seed from your mutant next year to be used the following year. Also, since snapdragon isn't really a dramatic 'foliage' plant, you might try locating some variegated plants. If you could combine your leaf mutation with variegation you may have something marketable. Note: that's 'marketable', not profitable. Profitability with easily sown annual species seems too much to hope for. I think there are some variegates in commerce, but I would also suggest that you scour the plants at the big box stores and other nurseries. I have found variegated snapdragons on at least two occassions with normal bedding mixes. I'll check the post I've linked to and if I didn't already include a pic of a variegated snapdragon, I'll try to find one to add. You might also find the same leaf mutation again. Its amazing what you can find once you believe that it is possible and seeing is believing.

Also, once you are getting plenty of seed from mutant plants I would suggest that maybe you focus on growing those alone and culling normal plants to help insure genetic stability.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: plant sports/ mutations/novel hybrids gallery

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har0ld(z6 WV)

Hello. This mutation appeared two years ago. Back then, there was about three mutant plants that matured and flowered and made seeds. The flower quality is still high. Last year there were more that matured and flowered. This year, there is just one. Once it gets bigger and starts making branches, I could take cuttings. They are the dwarf type and the three-leaved feature stays thoughout the season. The mutant ones also seem to be more bushier than the normal ones. I could dig it up and plant it in another flower box once it is matured. Then I could get a normal one in the same box and let them cross breed. Then, next year I could see if there are any mutated ones and if there is, I could get rid of the normal ones and let the mutant ones cross breed. I think it would increse the mutation.

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pickwick may be, hoe, that you and I have the same site in mind....
John Innes Center, Norfolk, UK
the JIC Antirrhinum mutant collection

Here is a link that might be useful: jic antirrhinum mutant site

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Very interesting site, Pickwick. New to me, though.

I had started a thread in the Suggestions and Comments forum suggesting a gallery for mutations such as this. I included links to mutants I had found and posted in various galleries and that others had posted as well. Other people also added to the Suggestions thread. That's what I had made reference to above. Apparantly, when the Suggestions and Comments forum was reformatted (no comments, please) all the old threads were deleted. Oh well- many of the links were broken as time went on and the older gallery posts slipped away.

Thanks for posting. This is a huge area of interest for me. Now if we could just get the gallery I had suggested here at GW.

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....I highly regard your involvement on this website,hoe... think at some point it might be noted...(for as long as you are able to continue participating)..... I don't suggest any reciprocal evaluations or kudos...for we are dealing with science here!
my best

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