Odd plants that do well in the bog

whippet_lovers(region 5)July 27, 2007

Hi! I have become as interested in bog gardening as I have in my koi! Last year, I made a discovery (or rediscovery, if everyone already knows this, lol. I had company coming, and in a frenzy to fill in some bare spots in my ponds, I used some of my hostas, creeping jenny and ajuga to throw in anywhere I needed to hide pumps, wires, etc. Not only did they trive, but to my surprize, the next year they came back bigger and better than before! The hostas more "held their own," being in pots in the water. The creeping jenny and the ajuga went wild! Both grew over the pots and took off thro the water, rooting. This spring was GORGEOUS with the blooming ajuga. I have the red leafed kind, and that entwined with the bright green jenny is just stunning and looks so natural. I've put it everywhere now, And cascading over rocks, along the pond edges, and hanging into the water, plants floating and growing underwater also, really helps it look natural and hides the fact its a liner... i have such limited access to pond plants here (Ann Arbor area) that anything different is such fun. The local pond stores are outrageous... $30 for a tiny cardinal lobelia? Oh please!

What else can I try? Anything that is fragrant?

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I've grown hosta in my bog for years. Plumbed my shower water into the head of 4 interconnected bogs that finally exit into my water feature. They grow like weeds.

Daylilies, pulmoneria and astilbe, ajuga and I grew tomatoes this year.

Looking north the south.

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Thanks to both of you...isn't it surprising what experimentation can discover. Appreciate your sharing. Great descriptions and then the photos were beautiful! josh

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