Plant/flower for indoors

kubusMay 27, 2006

Well my Aunt has finally decided to quit smoking and I thought, as a gift, I'd give her a nice smelling plant or flower.

However, it's not going to have too much light, is there such a plant/flower, that doesn't require a lot of light, yet, will grow and give off a pleasant smell?


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Are you planning it for indoors? outdoors?

For outdoors jasmine has a fabulous fragrance.

Indoors you could force tuberoses. Or get a nice oncidium orchid, "Shari Baby." It smells like chocolate and the flowers are beautiful and last a long time.

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It will be an indoor platn only.
I noticed the leafs grow to be long and stringy.
Seems like it would grow long and big?
How long would it get?
Would prefer something that could sit on the dining room table, if not, and this is the only viable option, will definitely try it.
Thanks :)

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

There are not a lot of flowering plants that will be able to generate the energy without plenty of sunlight. Your plant selection is very limited.

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Then get a phalaenopsis orchid, they don't need a lot of light. The leaves are more round and it can easily sit in the middle of the table. Most phalaenopsis, don't have a smell though.

Other options are:
african violet
dwarf calla lily
gardenia ----yes this is the answer. Doesn't need much light, has beautiful, waxy white flowers, and smells heavenly. You can prune it to keep it any size you want. Needs a watering of Miracid once in a while. Run, don't walk to get one.



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