Dwarf orange tree questions

nlion(9)October 9, 2010

As I post this, today is October 9, 2010. We're in the Phoenix area and we have a dwarf orange tree in our yard. I put Job's citrus fertilizer stakes in the ground in the spring. We have had oranges on this tree for 4 months or so. A few started to turn color (on one side of some oranges, they turned a little yellow). Otherwise, no changes in months...the little tree is filled with green, full size oranges. Some questions: do we remove them? If so, when? What time of year do orange trees bloom here? What should we do to get orange oranges from our little tree?? Thanks!

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agility_mom(z9 AZ)

No, don't remove them. They aren't ripe yet.
Different oranges ripen at different times so it would be helpful to know what kind of an orange tree that you have.
Most citrus blooms in the Spring but there are a few like Limequats and Meyer Lemons that bloom off and on throughout the year.
Usually it is the cooler temps that will help to turn your oranges orange.

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they usually ripen in late october to mid november they take a long time to ripen so just be patient

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Valencia oranges don't fully ripen until February while navels and Arizona sweets are ready to pick in late October or November. The best place to store oranges is on the tree, unless we have a freeze warning in which case you may want to pick the fruit.

I find that using a granular fertilizer that you can broadcast over the root zone and water in works the best. The spikes tend to concentrate the product and can cause salt burn. Apply fertilizer three times a year on Valentines Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Be sure to water your citrus trees deeply, to a depth of three feet, each time you apply water. The frequency will depend on the season but generally watering once a week in summer tapering to once every three weeks in winter is recommended.

Here's a link to more information on citrus including fertilizing, watering, citrus varieties, cold protection, etc.

Here is a link that might be useful: Citrus information

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Thanks, everybody, for the responses! I'm actually seeing some more ripening in the past few days. Yea :-)

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How's your dwarf doing now?

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Sorry for the several month delay in respondingâ¦I just saw your post, GoldenBerry. Our dwarf orange is doing well. The fruit ripens every year around Christmas season. If we don't remember to use the fertilizer spikes in the springtime, we get few oranges.

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It's better to use a granular fertilizer broadcast over the root zone and then apply water to dissolve it into the soil. The spikes tend to concentrate the fertilizer in one spot and may cause leaf burn (salt burn) on the leaves.

Here's a great publication that lists various types of fertilizers and how much to apply depending on the size or age of your tree.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fertilizing citrus

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My Cara Cara does great with "Organo Pro" citrus food. Whitfill Nursery carries it. It's made locally for our soil.
I just started picking the oranges this week & the fruit is great. It's also budding up already. :)

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