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imperfectendingMay 6, 2009

I got myself an Almond bush a month ago and I've noticed that I should have planted it somewhere else because the location that I planted is full shade.

When I got the bush it was semi-covered with flowers and a few weeks after planting it, it was fully covered with flowers.

My question is:

Does this mean that the flowers will bloom like this next year? Or was it just following it's genetic buildup to flower as much until it realizes that it's not getting enough sun then it will stop flowering as much next spring.

Thank you

-If moving it is an option: How should I move the bush without killing it? ( It's been in ground for about a month )

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If you are talking about the little flowering almond with the pink flowers that look like little roses, I had one, which lived for quite awhile in partial shade, but it died out when it no longer received any direct sun at all.

I doubt the roots have gone very far yet. If you dig it out very carefully and keep the root ball intact it should be OK to move it, especially if the soil is still soft in your area. It helps to keep the root ball intact if you slide it onto a piece of plastic (such as a flattened garbage or leaf bag) or other strong, flat material to wrap it in as you carry the plant to its new spot. In general, plants do not like to be planted or moved when they are flowering, but I don't think you have much choice in this. Once all the trees are in leaf there will probably be even less sun for your almond.

Just make certain to dig well under and around the root ball and lift up carefully. Water as instructed for a newly planted shrub.

Don't be too discouraged if your almond looks a bit nondescript once it loses its flowers--they are only a feature when in bloom.

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