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Snomam(Zone 3)May 7, 2007

I just bought two tuberous begonias: Non-Stop Yellow and Go-Go Scarlet. I'm hoping to have them as houseplants since they're shade lovers. But that's all I know about them and can't find a good website or source here for basic information on how to keep them flowering; don't know what "canes" are; how to propagate; or whether I should remove spent blossoms? I'm hoping a couple of hours of afternoon sun will be sufficient? TIA

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Zone 3 sounds challenging for begonias. Most begonias love warmth, humidity, and filtered light. Tuberous can be more challenging than other types - usually they are killed from over watering and then the fact that they go dormant in winter so you have to take care of them differently in winter. There should be plenty of sites to show how to propagate tuberous but it's easier for me to buy them and treat them as annuals. Deadheading will keep any plant tidier but it also time consuming.

Cane begonias are just another category of begonias that have longer growth between nodes on their stems. They are also sometimes called "angel wings". Check out these sites for more information:



Brad's Begonia

English Begonias

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Snomam(Zone 3)

Exactly the info I was looking for, thanks so much!

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