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snoopy73May 2, 2007

Hi everyone, i got this begonia one year ago (april), and was a gorgeous plant, full of leaves etc, in just a few weeks everything was completely lost and i gave it for dead, put the vase outside on the porch thinking that maybe it wasnt totally gone and never really watered it thinking that that was the cause in first place, got just the rain it caught. After the summer a couple leaves were out and thats how it remained til now, there are a couple green "buds" but no other leaf ever came from there.

I moved it in a terrarium, a violet there is doing magnificient, and i kept it in a fake polystirene rock that keeps it higher than the rest of the dirt (its like two chambers, plant in the top one, no dirt in the bottom one just air, dirt all around outside the bottom) thinking the roots would stay drier that way, im not sure if condensation under the polystirene happened or not. The terrarium its open on top and theres a little fountain inside to keep the air humid, light is a little less there since its beside a north facing window.

Seemed well for awhile then all of the sudden the leaves dropped, i usually watered a bit when this happened in the past but this time they didnt lift. i just moved it again into a vase outside the terrarium in dry potting soil with a transparent cup on top.

Why it never grew much? Been in indirect sunlight all the time, was full sun facing south when on the porch, i use rainwater for my plants.

What could be going on now? I moved away the dirt from the base of the leaves but it doesnt look like rotting or anything

Should i use the two droopy leaves for propagation so to have something if the plant will die? (although if im not able to keep a grown plant alive im not sure what i can actually propagate)

picture is at the link for ID.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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It looks like 'Benitochiba' and mine has always defoliated in winter but if you don't drown it, it should make a full recovery when it is time. I move mine outdoors for summer where it does great. I think the best thing is to move it to a much smaller pot, cut back on water so it dries a bit, and put it outdoors if you are past your last frost date.

Here was mine last October

Then in December

It still looks naked as a jay bird but I expect to move it out this week.

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