Cement in a peat bog

Sean_McKinney(N. Ireland)August 17, 2004

To provide access I was going to put some stepping stones in the bog I am contemplating, I assume these need to be mounted on 'pillars' which are in turn sit on the liner. Since I dont have real stone the stepping stones would be concrete and the pillars will either be concrete or what is called thermalite. The latter looks like aerated cement.

Will the bog dissolve the pillar etc?

Is concrete, even 20-30 year old concrete/cement, bad for a bog? I assume there will be some dissolving but I dont know how rapid this will be or its effect on the bog?

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The lime in the concrete/cement will over the course of a few years completely alter the PH of your bog, and I would not recommend it's use.

I would recommend the use of logs for pillars. the acidity of the bog will not promote the rapid decay of the wood and if stone tops are what you are looking for sandstone is the best way to go.

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Sean_McKinney(N. Ireland)

Good idea about the log. Ta

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BelgianPupWA(WA/Zone 8)

I was talking to a person who sank plastic (food grade) drums filled with sand into his boggy place. It was accidental that they were just the right height.


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