tuberous begonias

cathyc_maineMay 10, 2008

I overwintered well over two dozen tuberous begonias and they came up well after potting in March. But then I made mistake of putting them outdoors this week in the sun two afternoons (most were 4-6 inches high) and some of the plant leaves got burned (not all plants, and on some plants only some leaves). I've moved them to shady area, but: Will the plants with several burnt leaves recover? Should I pinch burnt leaves off of all plants? Or will leaves recover on their own? Anyone have advice?


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The damaged leaves will not be able to do what normal healthy leaves would do for the plant so its best to remove --cut back only what is damaged.

I had the same inkling today...I've got 6 plants...3 clay pots worth sitting waiting for the good days to appear.
We've kind of got spoiled the last few --70's but Mr weatherman is promising frost tonight and cooler temps across our region this weekend so the begonias will just sit for another few days before I'll risk them.

Canada's holiday that we use as a guide for putting out annuals...The Queen's Birthday...May going to be a cool anybody considering putting out the plants this weekend will be suggested to wait a few days more.

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