struwwelpeter(5)June 7, 2009

Please, share your experiences. I have none to share.

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My experience is from someone who actually developed
Chitosan. He saw the anti-fungal properties (Developed
from Blue Crab Shells) as way of making fungicide applications safer.There were more positive aspects
to this.Enhanced plant growth better ability to fight
off pathogens etc... Don't know that it ever took off
in the retail Market though.

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Thank you.

A patented, allegedly low molecular weight version is being marketed here:

The problem is that the horticultural market is rife with the proverbial snake oil salesmen and patents often don't work. The claims made for chitosan are similar to those made for Messenger, but, at least Messenger doesn't cost $99.99 to evaluate. Pricing at $99.99 instead of $100 suggests that they are trying to market to suckers.

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Dang!!! I think the likelihood of that product being 99.75% snakeoil (coincidentally, the same percentage as they list for other ingredients) is about 99.75%. LOL

But, I could be wrong.

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