coffee plant help

locowdOctober 20, 2007

My coffee plant is starting too shed some leaves, is this normal. Some of the leaves are turning a light green color, instead of their usual glossy dark green. They look like they are drying out in patches that eventually take over the leaf? I'm not sure what is causing this, the coffee cherries are starting to turn red for the first time, could this be affecting it? Thanks for any advice.


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mine is doing this also, I would suggest misting the leaves and watering longer on a regular basis. How old is your plant? If it is producing cherries, I would think that the rooting system should help the leaf issue if watered more often. Also try using a slightly acid fertilizer. If you have any other questions please feel free to email me with any questions. I am also starting to grow coffee, so it is a new experience, but that is some advice that I got from a horticulturist.

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Where did you get your coffee plant? I have had no luck in finding coffee to grow.

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My first coffee plants came from Gurney's. After I started growing those, Believe it or not my next plants came from my wal mart. They were mis-lableld as another plant, and they claimed to have pink leaves, but I knew better. In fact, they were coffee plants. They are cheaper there, and they were cultivated by Exotic Angel Plants, or
I hope this helps!

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i have 3 kona plants i bought through ebay from a nursery in hawaii. i got all 3 for like 12-15 bucks. i have the same problems on and off with the leaves but mine are much younger 1-2 yrs. no whwere near production. maybe the fruiting season reqires more water and a light fert like masterofcoffee said. thats what i do when i get nervous.

do you roast your own coffee? i bought a "poppery 2" popcarn popper by west bend at the goodwill in tempe for 4 dollars. i read thay are the best model for roasting coffee and they're on ebay for about 25 bucks. but you sould check goodwill first if your interested, i found it on my 1st try, couldn't believe it. but until i get some berries i buy green beans from lost dutchman roastery in tempe. anyway, best of luck!

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