is there a name for some dicots sprouting method?

lord_of_the_green(Argentina z9)June 9, 2012

Hi everybody,

I wonder if there is a specific name for the germination method of some dicots, for example quercus or araucaria, where the root emerges first, the cotyledons never get released, and the stem and first true leaves sprout like if they were coming from the root.

It has always intrigue me the slight visual similarity with monocots.

Thanks. Paul

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Hypogeal germination - a form of seed germination in which the cotyledon/cotyledons (seed leaf/leaves) remain below the soils surface and the coleoptile (hollow tube through which the first true monocot leaves emerge)/plumule (embryonic shoot) emerges above the soil surface without the cotyledons to produce the first true leaves.

Epigeal germination - a form of seed germination in which the seed, along with the cotyledon/cotyledons and plumule, is pushed above the soils surface. The first true leaves are produced at the tip of the growing shoot above the cotyledons.

Cleistogeal germination - a form of seed germination, found in the case of some tropical plants, in which a special umbrella-like leaf on a stalk forms above the ground and protects the plumule from damage. The cotyledons remain below the soil surface as in the case of hypogeal germination. The plumule emerges only after substantial development.

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lord_of_the_green(Argentina z9)

Wow, thanks a lot Brandon! Beautiful explanation.
Regards. Paul.

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