petals changing colour.

joricsJune 22, 2009

I'm not the worlds best gardener. I plant.. things grow. I have several bush roses in my garden, and a couple of climbers that are doing well.

However, a work colleague of mine asked for my advice and described an oddity with her roses. She has plants that she planted 5 yrs ago, which produced blooms that are Coral in colour. This year her blooms have produced red petals and she is wondering why. I was thinking maybe her bushes have reached a maturity and hence the change. Any help and suggestions would be quite welcome;


(she's not tech savvy thats why I'm using the net)

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

It sounds to me like maybe the rootstock (many/most roses are grafted) sprouted a sucker that your friend didn't remove. Ask her to trace the branch with the red bloom down to see if it originates below the graft. If so, she should probably remove that shoot. A sucker can overtake the grafted variety and, in some cases, cause graft failure with complete loss of the grafted variety.

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Thanks Brandon

sounds intresting... I'll have her investigate..

And will check mine as well.. :D

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