Ideas for decorating around a water fountain

robinandhughOctober 1, 2009

Hi all!

I have a water fountain positioned in a corner of my backyard patio, next to a block fence. The fountain is surrounded by a stone/block wall and there are tiki torches on both sides of the fountain.

What I need help with.....what would you recommend I put in the area surrounding the fountain? When you gaze upon the fountain from several paces back it's attractive, however, when you stand right at the fountain you see the ugliness of the tiki torch stands and fountain base, which is merely cinder blocks. Thanks for any help you can offer

Here is a link that might be useful: Backyard water fountain

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grant_in_arizona(USDA Z9 Scottsdale AZ)

I really like that fountain. Very fun. How much sun does that area get? That will help everyone make some suggestions.

If it's sunny, some bright lantanas might be fun, if it's shady, bright coleus could work too, or even some large-leaf tropicals if you're in a warm part of town. The super colorful ornamental sweet potatoes might work out well too, though they tend to shut down in winter. From mostly-sunny to mostly-shady most of the asparagus ferns would work too.

Keeping with either a colorful or lush/tropical look seems like it would work well with the fountain and torches.

Let us see/hear more, especially when you add some plants. I really like this corner of your garden!

Take care,

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arizonny(z9 Tempe)

That's a great fountain. Very cute. I spy a little solar panel there so it must get some amount of sun. You have many options. Are you looking for annuals or perennials?

Myself, I think I'd raise your fountain several inches higher. A few more bricks under there. Don't forget that as you plant, he's going to be tongue deep in foliage. :)Then I'd bring in the tropicals in keeping with his theme.

You may need to raise your solar panel also.

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Cool fountain!
One problem I keep having with fountains is that if the water splashes the plants regularly, they succumb to salt poisoning and hard water deposits! I really haven't found anything that survives that.
For a pretty hardscape surround, instead, fill up most of the space with sand, and top it off with a pretty stone, such as polished jade or Chinese marble pebbles. Interspersing a few larger, complementary cobbles can add interest, too. Look up Zen "sand gardens" or "dry gardens" for ideas. Remember not too draw too much attention from the fountain itself.
For easier access to the base of the fountain, and/or the electrical source, use styrofoam packing peanuts, instead of sand.

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