I would like for someone to look at these pics

slomovingardner(se georgia)July 19, 2004

Hi I would like some to please take a look at these pics and tell me where I went wrong and if I can correct the problem.It is concerning Ammarylis.Thank you ,Sheree


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You have done nothing wrong. you have two entirely diff plants. the one you are showing is Hymenocallis aka Spider lily.

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slomovingardner(se georgia)

well if it is spider lilly it came from ammarylis.those same plants that I show give me a few red and white striped flowers a year.I never have owned a spider lilly. And if you can see the leaves its clearly ammarylis.I thought spider lilly at first but as I said I have never bought one. thank you for your help .Sheree

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slomovingardner(se georgia)

Tropsanddune I just googled a pic of the spider lilly and the first that came up was what I have.How could that happen they were amarylis when I planted and like I said I still get the few a year...Can they cross? I guess I never had the right pic of a Spider lilly in my head .Well the mystery is over except where did they come from.Thanks a lot for your help.Now I am going to send that site to my mother in law because she seen them when they where all amarylis.we where both puzzeled.Thanks again

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Maybe the Hymenocallis seeds got trapped in the media of the original Hypeastrum/Amarylis and took a long time to germinate and grow. Their leaves look alike so you would never notice the invader until it bloomed (now).

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slomovingardner(se georgia)

HUH!!!!! LoL,what u said, sound like that is what happened to me ....lol thanks Sheree

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ken_mce(zone 4, NY)

You got a free bonus plant when you bought your Ammarylis. No biggy, it happens. PS I am SO jealous of your Koi!

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Keep her wet. She is a La. native that grows in our swamps so ... keep her wet ;>

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