Would hybridization occur naturally? (native & non-native; e/w)

njbiologyJuly 31, 2009


I'm interested learning which groups of fruits & nuts would/would not naturally hybridize - perhaps due to synchronicity/non-synchronicity of flowering; also to know when hybridization occurs, is the seed of the resulting hybrid viable or non-viable.

1. Native X European Plums?

2. Native X European currants/gooseberries?

3. Native X European Cherries?

4. Native X Asian Persimmon (flowers may sometimes align, I've observed; maybe hybrids like 'Rosseyanka', etc. are not able to produce viable seed; but I doubt that since I think there exist hybrids that were subsequently crossed once again back to one of either parents - such as 'Prok'/'Korp'

5. Native X European Mountain-Ash

Again, do these types flower coincidentally and is the seed that is produced viable in each case? Of course, many pairings do (Native X Asian Mulberry, etc....)

Secondly, would a test field of say multiple US Native Vaccinium spp. (blueberry, huckleberry, deerberry, bilberry types) hybridize?

Vaccinium cespitosum - Bilberry, Dwarf

Vaccinium myrtillus - Whortleberry; Bilberry, Common

Vaccinium ovatum - Huckleberry, California/Evergreen

Vaccinium augustifolia - Blueberry, Low-bush

Vaccinium corymbosum - Blueberry, Northern High-bush

Vaccinium (?spp.) - Blueberry, Southern High-bush

Vaccinium stamineum - Deerberry

Vaccinium uliginosum L. - Blueberry, Mountain/Bog

Gaylussacia baccata Huckleberry, Black/Dwarf/Box



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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Good question. Kiwinut's answer (on a duplicate post in the Fruit and Orchards Forum) was very impressive. He should check in here every once in a while. His answers seemed to make sense and I know at least some to be correct, so I'd bet they are probably all correct.

Here is a link that might be useful: For some answers, look here.

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"Native X European"

From my perspective, that is of course native à native . . . you need to clarify your terms!


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I don't understand...

for instance Prunus serotina (a North American tree) x Prunus avium L. (a Eurasian cultivated tree); or Prunus americana (a North American shrub-tree) x Prunus domestica (European)...

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I could take a native tree (say, Prunus avium), and hybridise it with a European tree (say, Prunus avium) . . . ;-)


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To take out the location-loaded terms 'native' and 'cultivated', I think what you're trying to ask is, "can hybrids occur between species from different continents"; the answer is yes, provided the species are closely related enough. There are plenty of examples. In Prunus, the hybrid between P. avium (Europe) and P. emarginata (N America) is known, recently named Prunus à pugetensis. I'd doubt that P. serotina could cross with P. avium though, as they are in different sections of the genus (sect. Padus, and sect. Cerasus, respectively).


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I get what you were saying (native...vs cultivated) - I had a feeling about that one.

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)


I think what he's saying is that what's native to you is not the same as what's native to him. You could replace the word "native" with "American" (or where ever the plant in question is native to) for more clarity.

You know those darned Europeans. They still don't realize that the world revolves around the US! Look at 'em still trying to use metric and speaking all those foreign languages. (-;

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