I have often wondered why natural bogs are dangerous.

Sean_McKinney(N. Ireland)August 25, 2004

Now I know, I just filled my artificial bog and the peat initially forms a crust which 'floats'. The crust isnt as dense as water so an animal would sink into it before reaching bouyant water. There is enough water in the crust to drown in.

Scarey stuff.

I am hoping it will settle somewhat, will it??????? I have to buy more peat, I have actually covered the surface with a net so if anything does walk out on to the bog it will have at least a fair chance of finding purchase.

Some photos to follow when I remember where I left the camera.

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HEHEHE. Works much better if you fill up the hole until it is piled very high and then add water from the bottom up. Might take a few days before things get soaked up and you can add some more water. But the other way will work. Just gotta keep piling a little at a time until it finally levels off.

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Is you bog garden mainly for bog plants? You can add stones. This can help support not just plant's roots,but stable the bog enough to prevent animals from drounding?

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Sean_McKinney(N. Ireland)

I have just come in from wading the bog, a strange sensation and what a horrible site that would have been for anyone, me in shorts. Anyway there feels to be at least 6" of water under the crust, I have just got as much peat again so by the time that goes in I think it will firm up a fair bit. I covered the surface with a piece of liner so that should stop anything getting into the bog in the mean time.
I dont want to add the new peat at the moment as I suspect I will be emptying the bog to fiddle with the liner. It doesnt feel right in some places.

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