September Bloom

catnip85September 9, 2010

Hi All. Im new to the forum and I've reading a lot of the posts and they have been helpful. My question is I recently got into growing Amaryllis the past two years. I have planted my bulbs in the ground the past two years and they have doing great. They get full sun and fertilized. I stopped fertilizing them in beginning of August. They bloomed late spring and now one of them has a bloom coming up, it is blooming twice and it is September. Im concerned cause I live in NJ and I know I'll be bringing them indoors in a few weeks. Have you all experienced any ones blooming in september? I don't remember exactly what type of species it was, just remember getting them from Smith and Hawkin if that helps any.

Here is a photo, I took it this morning.

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Excellent! A new lister who can post photos!! Yipee!!

Your bulbs look very happy! And that scape will probably be blooming within a couple of weeks, so you should be safe! Worst case scenario...dig around it and plot it into a pot so that you can enjoy it inside!! I wish we would get some cooler weather here in Texas. Would you send some our way??

Please post a photo of the bloom and we will do our best to ID it for you! Bet it's red...seeing a little color at the base of the leave and on the bud gives a little hint as to what is to come.


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Thanks so much for the input.

It finally bloomed today! It looks like a blossom peacock. It even has a two bulbets. It is one happy bulb.

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Wow very nice flower!

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e36yellowm3(7 Raleigh, NC)

Hi Catnip, it sure is a Blossom Peacock! A pretty one too. BP is my favorite. Ryan in Denver (aka Denver Ryan) just had his BP bloom as well. I guess it's just one of those ones that likes to bloom at random times. It's also one of those ones that throws off bulblets pretty reliably - I get two / year from mine. Sometimes folks get a trade going and I've used my bulblets to trade for other types, and also make friends. Congrats on your flower. Alana

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HI Alana and karanb1r,

Thanks for the input! I've been thinking about it that about trading over different ones. I have other bulbs that have bulblets too! But I don't remember what they are. Im going to be tagging my bulbs from now on since I started to grow them within the past two years. Its becoming a hobby.


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e36yellowm3(7 Raleigh, NC)

Jessica, I agree, tagging is now a necessary chore when you have more bulbs than you can remember. It took me awhile to get a tagging system down. Last summer I had marked them on plastic with a Sharpie pen - which washed off. I had to wait till they bloomed this spring to know which they were again.


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I cant wait until my flowers bloom so i can get a definite ID on them.

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