Advice on over-wintering bog plants

patricia_MD(z7 MD)August 3, 2005

I'm new to bog plants and wonder what I should do to keep my new purchases safe over the winter (I'm in zone 7).

The details: I have a "bird creek," a three-level pond with circulating water that is only 2" deep at most. I recently bought 5 bog plants and have planted them in and beside the pond.

Creeping Jenny is sitting bare-root in the gravel that covers the bottom of the pond with its stems draped over the edge.

Spike rush, rainbow plant, and water mint are in gravel-covered soil in shallow plant saucers. They are sitting directly in the water with more stones hiding the saucer edges.

A water pennywort is also planted in soil in a saucer, but I placed it beside the pond and covered the saucer with topsoil. I keep it wetted down.

All 5 plants look great after two weeks in these conditions.

Question: I know these are "hardy" in my zone but I will probably be draining the pond come cold weather and want to know how to keep them going till spring. I'd appreciate any help I can get! Thanks!


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I grow all except the watermint in pots sitting in shallow saucers. In summer I keep well watered (every other day) including water in saucer but winters I just water once a week or so. I'm sure your watermint would do fine under same regimen.

You might have to replant in pots rather than shallow saucers to be sure there is enough soil to hold adequate moisture over winter. Next spring just lift out of pot, trim roots back and return to saucer/pond.

Alternatively, if you have a spot you could plant in ground and give a little extra water regularly during winter it might be easier. I have lots of other plants in containers so I'm out with hose often anyway. These plants will grow in just moist soil, don't need much extra water in winter when not in active growth. josh

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patricia_MD(z7 MD)

Thank you, Josh. Sounds like a good plan.

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