Spiranthes blooming...it's getting close to fall!

fredsbogAugust 31, 2004

Went out last evening to check on the bog (as I always do) and found that the Spiranthes cernua had opened up almost over night. I got my camera and took some pictures to share with fellow bog orchid growers. this is a great plant, it seeds itself all over the garden which is really rare for an orchid. On top of that it has a wonderful fragrance something like baby powder I think. The lavender buds in the background are one of the heaths I planted when I first put in the bog (and kind of wish I hadn't...they reseed way to easily!)


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Just moving the post down the way

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kwoods(Cold z7 Long Is)

Mine is just getting started as of this weekend here on Long Island. Warm weather later this week and they should be in full bloom and smelling wonderful! TONS of offsets this year too, hoping they will take over that area of the bog for next year.

Loads of fall pitchers on all the sarrracenia this year too, must've been all the wet weather.

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Mine is trying to bloom. Does that count for anything?

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Hey Fred, are you trading any of those seeds? Do you have turtleheads? I do, want totry to trade?

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My Spiranthes cernua are blooming! Thanks for sending me some of your babies Fred! I've taken good care of them!

I'll have chelone alba seed from several plants I purchased from the Chicago Botanic. Prolific seeders and these plants have done remarkably well.

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