Pruning of Grape Plant

pokerguardOctober 26, 2012

Hello.. looking for advice on what to do with my grape plant (see attached image).

I had it running on a trellis, but would like to run it next year horizontally, running two arms left and two arms right.

Is it best to just yank this and start over fresh, or can I cut this trunk shorter, and get it to sprout some arms?

Should I also eliminate one of the two trunks (one splits into a 3rd later)


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plstqd(9) forgot the pic...

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Lets try this again...Picture attached?

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Pic 1

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Pic 2

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Pockerguard- The above photo's are of Ruby Reds about 6 years old the larger one's trunk is about 10" in dia. and they are about ready to be trimed for the year. There are two plants, each with branches on both sides/ top and bottom like you are describing. If it were me I would leave the grape vine that you have alone and plant another one down the wall some where. It will take a long time to retrain and I don't think it is worth it. Planting a new one and training would be easier. Mine are suported by rebar with small through holes drilled in each wood post. These guys can get pretty heavy when they a loaded with grapes. Yours is very top heavy looking. Maybe you could trim the top down so the sides will spread in each direction @ the top of the wall. Don't know how you would support the runners with out completely cutting apart(no branch damage)the little spport and puting in a new support. As for getting a second row down by the bottom you really don't need one unless its for looks. Mine in Calif. only had top runners, more like an old 3 line long clothesline, grapes hug down in the middle. I do have a question what happened to the leaves on the branches @ the bottom?

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" do have a question what happened to the leaves on the branches @ the bottom?"

I trimmed them away, as I am wanting to move the grape from going up a trellis to going horizontal.

Perhaps I'll go with just two horizontal arms.

I may go with just starting new (I have 5 new plants started from cuts).. but wanted to see if it was worth trying to save the current one, given how bent the main trunks are, and how I'd get the horizontal stems to grow off the main plant.

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I think all grape trunks bend, mine are not straight. I think sometimes they have a mind of their own. You can't see it but, as they grow they are all tied off with strips of old knee high nylons to try and train them to grow in one direction or another. After trimming (in about a month) I un-tie the old and retie the new branches.
You can still get branches to grow off your main trunk from the new leaves that form on the trunk(selecting a few on each side and getting rid of rest) but you will need to be able to tie them off to a support as they grow horizontal. I wish I could be of more help.

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