Lovely Leaves

dondelduxSeptember 17, 2012

Here are some pictures of my Sophisticate's leaves..the prettiest, darkest green leaves I have on any of my plants. They are on the narrow side and all the leaves have a red tinge on the very edge and most of them have folded edges either up or down. Sophisticate didn't bloom for me last year so I am really looking forward to this year with these lovely leaves and I believe it has a dusky brown scape...

On the other hand I have a bulb I bought last year under the name of Pink Nymph which didn't bloom for me either last season. This has the widest leaves of any of my hippies and they are a nice medium green each leaf is going in a different direction which I don't recall seeing either.

I won't know until it blooms if it is in fact Pink Nymph since so many of last years bulbs (about 30) were mislabeled. But I did manage to pick up several cultivates that I didn't have...;-) and, I almost can't believe it but, none of them have shown any sign of virus!! Three of them rotted away, but I'll take the blame for that!



Pink Nymph (maybe)

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)


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