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s4ntos3(9)October 25, 2011

I was wondering how concerned I should be about planting a tree near the main water line into my house. I'm specifically thinking of planting a thornless hybrid mesquite.

I have an area that is approximately 10'-12' wide and maybe 15' long. One side is bordered by my drive way, another by the sidewalk, a third by the walkway to my door and the 4th has the main water line running along it. The center of the tree trunk will be approximately 5'-6' away from the water main.

So my question is, how concerned should I be that the roots might one day cause a rupture in the water main?

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waterbug_guy(Phoenix AZ (Melrose))

I wouldn't be concerned at all. At the surface there can be some concern. The supply line is 18" or 24" down I think, not sure. There is of course a chance a root might happen to get close and grow in diameter enough to cause a problem, but kind of remote. The pipes to have some give.

Not planting directly above is a good idea should the pipe have to be replaced.

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I would suggest a Crown Jewel Mesquite. It is a thornless but grows much slower than other varieties. Some will grow 30ft tall and wide and need a lot of pruning. But if you prune too much you get a weak root system and the tree can go over in a monsoon. The Crown Jewel Mesquite is much easy to maintain.

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Thanks for the replies!

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