correct placement for umberella plant

JustAVoice(z8 MS)August 17, 2005

Yesterday, I got an umberella plant(sedge?)It is in a 3 gallon container. I live in the South and have lots of places in my yard that are very wet. What I need to know is, should it be planted in sun or shade, I can accomodate either. Thanks in advance for the answer.


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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

I've never found a place it won't grow lol Will even tolerate drying out. Probably does best in full sun with standing water. Like many water plants it tends to become invasive at least in my zone.

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JustAVoice(z8 MS)

Thank you Gary, I'll get it planted today. Just wanted to know the right light. You've been a big help.

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Kinseeker(z7 VA)

Can the umbrella plant make it through winters in my zone? I want to plant mine outdoors, but hesitate for fear of losing it.

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Kinseeker, I'm not sure if hardy in your zone, but easy to split root system (I just use old steakknife) so you could have one inside for safety. Makes an easy houseplant, just keep very moist and give good light.

Also easy to start new plants by cutting off "umbrella tops" leaving a couple inches of stem. and then pushing stem down into wet soil until center of umbrella is below soil an inch or so. Roots will form around center portion of each umbrella and stems appear on top. Rather hard to explain. Or umbrella tops can be floated on water until you see roots/stems begin to form.
Sure hope this is
Good luck. josh

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braspadya(z7a MD)


I did have umbrella plant winter over in my bog garden a few years back, before I moved. It was a rather mild winter & the bog garden was in a sheltered spot pretty close to the house. I have not had this plant overwinter again outside, unfortunately.

Best luck!


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