Blackmore & Langdon Begonia bulbs The Worst

spacehunterMay 11, 2009

I purchased 10 bulbs from early this spring directly from Blackmore & Langdon in England They were expensive to buy and ship 1-Jean Blair, 2 Partly Dress and several Super Select white and yellow edged.

They are all in a sun room in seperate pots with heat matt along with 60 bulbs from Anotelli's in California and Willow Creek Gardens. In short, the BLackmore bulbs were the smallest, odd shaped bulbs and half never sprouted. Almost all the other bulbs from other gardens did fine Most of the bulbs from the other sources are 2 to 3 times the size.

Blackmore & Langdons are the worst bulbs I have ever purchased. Have others had this problem. The 4 that did make it are small and not good.

Also, looking for some 2 color pastel begonias

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sorry , over three months at the top. time for a bump

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I grow lots of unamed scented begonias from seed . Would sell plants in canada. Breeding begonias for years . These scented tuberous ones from Blackmorelangdon are overpriced.Mine are all colors including bright oranges and reds.

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I used to buy fromAntonelli now I buy from Blackmore and Langdon.I buybonly named varieties.Theyare exceptional.

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peggiewho(z9 Ca)

Yeah? Lets see a picture or two. I am willing to see the differance!

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This year, 2013, I purchased 11 tubers from Blackmore and Langdon. The packaging was superb, and all 11 have started into growth. Each tuber is showing at least 3 new shoots. This is in April 24 in Upstate NY on Lake Ontario.
I made my purchase based on a recommendation and I can think of no reason not to strongly recommend Blackmore and Langdon to any potential buyer. I am totally pleased with all aspects of their service.

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Solomon Dang-Goldberg

If I had the money, I would buy again from them directly in a heartbeat. It's just unfortunate that they only ship tubers to the united states once or twice a year. I grew them and they were wonderful. They were slow to grow though, as I've heard cutting grown tuberous begonias tend to be. They are expensive for that very reason. They are named cultivars.

My experience with them is that they are different than say amerijybrids which I also grew. They are grown for flower size. It takes a season for them to really beef up. The amerihybrids were bushier and more floriferous but they don't compare to flower size of petal count of blackmores cutting grown tubers.

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Solomon Dang-Goldberg

Named Blackmore and Langdon tuners are all cutting grown so they should all be genetically true to the clonal parent. Cutting grown tubers are almost always a little weird looking but they should be normal ang pretty big after another seasons growth.

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