Finally, pictures of my bog garden

bomber(6 MA)September 9, 2005

This is a short series of pictures of my newly created bog garden. These plants had previously been planted in this wet area. I decided to use a liner to insure there would be consistent moisture for the true bog plants. I've had a bit of die back on the pitcher plants but they're already sending out new shoots. Yay!

Fred, thank you for your advice and encouragement.

There are some shots of my nearby veggie garden in this series.

Here is a link that might be useful: My bog garden

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cschuess(z5 ny)

you should find some jewelweed to put in there also. I have some, they have pretty pale orange flowers. They grow pretty high also (My tallest is about 4') and the pods that the seeds grow in are a riot--> they explode and shoot out the seeds (my kids love them!!) If you would like, I will try to catch some seeds for you...I have a bog also and am trying to make a garden in that area. Yours is off to a fantastic start!!!

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bomber(6 MA)

Thanks. I will look for jewelweed. I'll keep a picture history as this garden progresses.

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Garden looks great! Some cranberries would make a great groundcover in your bog. Do keep us posted on how the garden progresses, it took about 3 years for my garden to really take off.

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Nice Garden. I'm always facinated to see other people's designs. In the spring, I'll photograph my newest one and put it out here. My newest design challenges the notion that bog gardens need to be flat or bowl shaped. It is modeled after a seep, with sides like \_/ and an almost crescent-like curving shape which is open at one end. It declines gently towards the opening. One would think all this drainage would dry it out, but even at a slight decline the live sphagnum keeps everything moist (with some watering required in july and august). Along the sides are slopes covered with pea gravel and native rock plants like wild poinsettia, Cumberland Rosemary, fameflower, yellow eyed grass and other odd things. Anyways, I'll post a photgraph around May.

Actually, watch out for that jewel weed... it is rather agressive. If you are looking to fill an area (like a moist wildflower meadow) then it is great, but it would probably our compete plants like CPs which demand lots of light. That said, I've never tried the yellow species (palada?) which has slightly larger flowers and sometimes a fragrance. I've scattered seeds before but not really give a whole lot of effort at trying to grow it. Since both orance and yellow grow in the same environment, I've wondered what differentiates their habitat (PH?).

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