Double Yellow Begonia!

diy_findMay 10, 2005

I have planted red and pink begonia in my front yard and they look just lovely for the border during summer time. Then, I found this double yellow begonia from this website. Judging from the picture, it looks like double impatient. I love the color... is anyone planted this before?

Here is a link that might be useful: Yellow Begonia

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This is the standard roseform begonias.
The "chairman of the board" when it comes to roseform tuberous begonias are antonelli begonias in santa cruz, california. You can find them on ebay, or on their own website.

You can choose your color (white,pink,rose,yellow,crimson,red, etc,etc,etc)

I recommend starting with a medium tuber if you want to try it out.

They also have a FANTASTIC "Starter Assortment of Begonias" - a dozen tubers for $24.95 which is a steal. The flowers are just fantastic.

See below..
(if you can not see the pictures in your email, go to gardenweb and look up your original thread. the pictures should be visible there).

Here is a link that might be useful: link to tuberous begonias - roseform

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I've decided to try to revive this thread rathr than start a new one because they have such gorgeous pics of the rose begonias here that I want to ask about . . .

We have these in our local stores this time every yeat, and nearly every year I succumb to temptation and buy one. They are just so very pretty, and are always blooming profusely, which they keep up for quite some time. But, when the blooming stops, they just die, getting what appears to be root rot ... well, the stems turn soft and yukky and break off, leaving a bare stalk in the middle, which will eventually do the same itself.

Has anyone had any success with actually keeping one of these and having them bloom again for them? If so, what, may I ask did you do for them?

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claudosu(z7 OK)

Mine seem to do that around late May early June. I always blamed it on our heat. Around that time of the year our days start getting very warm and the nights are no longer cool (50-60s). They always do fine for me from late March to May, even if it got hotter than usual because our nights would always be cool.

I'm going to do an experiment and grow a couple indoors by a very bright window, maybe southern or western exposure. Has anyone tried growing them indoors? The conditions in my house approach those of cooler climates (temperature wise), as I let the house get into the low 80s during the day while I'm at work, then I turn the AC when I get home to 75, and then finally crank it up at night when I go to bed to about 68. Any thoughts on this?

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I have always kept mine in the house -- didn't know they could be put outside. In Missouri, I doubt that would be a good idea.

Our a/c stays around 74 most of the time.

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claudosu(z7 OK)

I think I"ll try them indoors this year. They just always melt away in early June or late May. It will be nice to have those inside while most of my houseplants take their outdoor summber vacation.

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Where can I find the varieties pictured above, as well as their names?

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