I have babies

laura1(9aTpa,FL)May 2, 2007

It seemed to take forever but I could see that they had rooted long before I saw leaves. I did some from leaf and stem cuttings and some from just leaf cuttings.

leaf cuttings:

this one is a volunteer. a piece of a leaf fell into a nearby pot. if you look on the left side just above the oak leaf you'll see a little leaf peaking out.

I would never have gotten the leaf cutting things w/o this forum. Thanks guys!


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Congratulations, Laura. I've never had any luck rooting rex begonias, but I think I'll try the whole-leaf-in-water method someone reported on. My leaf sections always rotted before they had a chance to root, but maybe I was babying them too much in a shade house in South Florida. Do you grow your rexes planted outdoors year round? I've had a couple that have done very well that way for the past three years. judy in sanford

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All the begonias are outside. I'll stick them in the shed or cover them with a sheet if we have threat of a frost or freeze. Most of them are in pots but I've got some in the ground.

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